Vermont ITF Approved Tennis Balls: A Review

Vermont ITF Approved Tennis Balls: A Review

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With Wimbledon taking fans by storm as the world watches to see if Federer can reign victorious and whether Serena can recapture her thrown, tennis pro and writer, Peter Fryer, takes an independent look at our new range of Vermont tennis balls…

Trying to play tennis without decent balls is a waste of time. I remember the balls I had as a kid; some bounced, some didn’t and others were just as hard as marbles! Good tennis balls will, and do, make the difference to any game.
Introducing Vermont by Net World Sports’ range of tennis balls… the Vermont Classic and the Vermont Voleo. Both ITF Approved and suitable for all surfaces, if you buy Vermont you know you have purchased a ball that is going to last.

Vermont Classic Tennis Ball
Good Performance
I trialled the Vermont Classic tennis balls on AstroTurf for several weeks and found them to be very response and durable.  Vermont state that regardless of the court you play on, whether it’s the clay of Roland Garros or the local park, Vermont Classics will perform the same, and having used them on hard courts as well as AstroTurf I found that they performed well on both.

Fluff Free
I have a thing where I love the feel and touch of new tennis balls. In the past I have found that balls can become a little fluffy, especially after the rain or on AstroTurf, but this was not the case with the Vermont Classic tennis balls and they remained fluff free whilst I used them.
Dura Core Rubber Centre
Producing a ball with a Dura Core rubber centre for expert control, Vermont have given their classic ball a responsive and lively feel and with the bright yellow FluroFelt Woven Cloth used, it really does stick out compared to other balls on the market.

If you are very price conscious and want a top performing durable tennis ball, the Vermont Classic should be worth a look, but it’s not the only option…
Vermont Voleo Tennis Ball
A Classy Tin For a Classy Ball
The premium ball in the Vermont tennis ball range is the Vermont Voleo. The shiny black and gold tin gives the tube a sophisticated look… a classy tin for a classy ball. Designed and engineered to match and surpass even the best tennis balls on the market, from the Head ATP used at many Association of Tennis Professionals events to the iconic Slazenger Wimbledon tennis ball which is a SW19 staple, the Vermont Voleo is a ball for tournament performance.

Feel The Difference
The felt used on the Vermont Voleos are softer than regular tennis balls and on a freshy strung racquet you really can feel the difference from a standard ball. The cloth is plush and cushioned, and whilst they did fluff up a little after four hours of play, they still provided a good performance.
True To Feel
I used the Vermont Voleo tennis balls on AstroTurf and they provided a lively feel, but don’t kick wildly off the court. Vermont say that this ball will work well on all surfaces and provide the same, high end performance, regardless of the court, so whether you play on the clay, AstroTurf, rubber or hard court, you can be sure the ball will always be at its best.

The Vermont Voleo tennis balls come in tubes of four and are keenly priced, especially compared to the more established competitors.

Based in Derry, Northern Ireland, Peter is a tennis pro and writer with a passion for both ATP and WTA tours. From product reviews and development, to off court training, Peter covers a wide range of topics on Love Tennis Blog. He authored the Independent’s Ten Best Tennis Shoes of 2016 as well as this year’s best racket round-up and wrote a piece for Shortlist on the top tennis t-shirts for players.
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