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3 Ways to finding a loose slot machine to hit a jackpot

3 Ways to finding a loose slot machine to hit a jackpot

3 Ways to finding a loose slot machine to hit a jackpot

1. Another tip you want to keep in mind is not to fall into a trap of playing a game for too long. If the game is just keeping you going and giving you enough wins along the way to give you a false sense of hope then you want to realize that the game may not be getting loose and should be one you should stop playing. The best way for you to approach a game that is doing this to you is to stop playing it for a while and return to it in a little while. The best way to think about this is it’s like you are letting other players loosen it up for you and then you are returning when it’s closer to hitting. You never want to sit at one slots game and watch it take your money all the way down.

2. You should stay away from playing the slot machines that aren’t popular with the players. You want to play a game that has been getting a lot of attention from players. It is the more popular games that have a better chance of becoming loose and offering you the results you are looking forward to. By getting on a stale and less popular slots game you can waste your money only to find that the machine has nothing good to offer you in the way of decent wins. Plus, these games tend not to be very entertaining and are generally the ones that lack those special features which add both more excitement and chances for you to win.

3. Another thing you want to keep in mind is the slot machines will have their cycles. There is not a game out there that will remain tight forever and at some point that machine is going to pay out big and you want to be the player that is playing it when this happens. If a game has been tight for a good length of time then it will reach a point where it will payout some nice sized wins, generally pretty much in a row. So, if you get on a game and it pays out a nice win don’t assume that is it and leave that game, stick around for a while and see if it has more to give. Many times you will see that pattern happen which will lead to you seeing quite a few bigger wins in a row.

How to win jackpots on slot machines

The majority of the peoples I talk to that is not into the casino and slot market is mentioning the jackpots that are avaiable to hunt. Me personally is not a huge fan of the jackpot games since the most of the winnings is put into the jackpot amount instead of being paid out when you just play the slot.

In other words, the jackpot slots has a pretty bad base game where you wont win big if you do not manage to get the jackpot. Some of the most popular jackpot games is Mega Fortune, Mega Moolah, Diamond Jackpots and Divine Fortune but there is alot of different slots with jackpots out there so make sure to try them out to see wich fits you the best.

What to do to win the Jackpot?

So now when we have made it clear on if you can play jackpot games and also if its worth for you to give it a try lets get into how to actually get the jackpot. It is a very simple process as everything else with slots is, all you have to do is to spin on the slot machine and then the rng will decide if you win or not. The most successfull jackpot hunters has a pretty big bankroll to start of with and are always trying to get as many spins in with that balance as possible.

How to win jackpots on slot machines

How to win jackpots on slot machines

It is said that the bet amount does not make a difference so even if you are staking the lowest amount on each spin you should be able to get the jackpot. If you are only going for the jackpot you should stake a very low amount to be able to get as many spins in as possible with the money you are going to stake. So with that said I hope that you got some good information and I wish you the best of luck on your jackpot hunt. Below we list some of our favourite casinos that has some good jackpot games so make sure to check them out!

Things to consider before playing Jackpot games

If you are on a bonus balance you should mostly stay away from the jackpot games since you do not wager at the most casinos from jackpot games. Something you always should check when you are on a bonus money and want to play jackpot games is number one, are you even eligable of playing jackpot games? Some casinos do not allow you to play jackpot games on a bonus balance and if you do they can deny your withdrawal.

The second thing to check is if they have a max cashout on the bonus – If so, lets say you win a jackpot on 1.000.000 euro and the max cashout is 2000 euro – then you wont be able to get more then 2000 euro from the jackpot win wich would been a disaster. The last thing is to check if you wager when playing jackpot games, this is nothing that you have to do if you don’t care about the wager – but you will lose alot of value playing jackpot games without wagering on the bonus you have.

Tips and tricks to progressive jackpot slot machines – Jackpot or not?

Tips and tricks to progressive jackpot slot machines - Jackpot or not?

Tips and tricks to progressive jackpot slot machines – Jackpot or not?

Progressive jackpots are recommended by some gamblers, while others say to avoid them at all costs. The latter group says everything that looks that good always comes with a catch. While the ludicrous amounts of cash on offer are enticing, the potential for big rewards is coupled with low payouts – that sum of money has to be built up somehow, and it isn’t done by being generous with payouts.

The second group says that playing the progressive jackpot is the only way to win millionaire money playing slots. The odds of winning a jackpot are similar to those of winning the lottery, but that’s the fun part, right? If you can control your bankroll and your playing pace, the progressive jackpot offers a slim chance of walking out of the casino with money lining your pockets and then some.

Our tips and tricks to progressive jackpot slot machines? Go for whatever works for you. If you want to play for kicks and are more than happy with winnings that are a little less than extraordinary, don’t go with the progressive jackpot. If you’re looking for a chance to have fun and shoot for your dreams of buying a yacht in the Caribbean, then go right ahead.

2 tricks to beat the slot machine


Look for loose

It’s pretty obvious tip, but just in case you need to hear it again: a loose slot is your best friend. They’re harder to find, but they’re worth looking for. In large casinos, loose machines are placed strategically – they’re usually located in highly visible areas so big wins are seen by many people, encouraging spectators to play. However, visibility isn’t always a good thing.

2 tricks to beat the slot machine

2 tricks to beat the slot machine

Slot machines located in places with high visibility but constantly shifting traffic – namely airports and reception areas in restaurants – are some of the worst to play at. It’s better to wait until you’re in the casino, no matter how eager you are when you get off the plane. The perfect spot to play slots is in a visible, slow-moving area with a great number of machines to move among during cold streaks.

Learn to move on

If you’ve been sitting at a machine for a while and you can’t remember the last you had a winning spin, don’t wait around for things to hopefully swing back around. It’s time to move on to another machine. The same goes for online slots games – if it’s been a while since your last win, you should probably move on to the next game. Major casinos don’t place loose machines close to each other, and online casinos follow the same rule. Your best option when you’re losing is to save your money for the next game in line, which increases your chances of finding a loose machine or online game and give you more playing time.

3 slot tips to beat the odds

Pay attention to paytables

Every single casino slot machine in the world has a paytable, and it’s your job as a responsible and informed gambler to check them out before you sit down to play. Slot machines might look the same, but their rewards are definitely not. In the online world, paytables are usually located under the “Help” or “Rules” section of a particular game, so you are more than able to check them before you get invested. The paytables and paylines vary widely, so research and choose the best ones before you start throwing money into it and hoping for the best.

Bet what you want

Most slots players will tell you to bet the maximum amount every time if you want to avoid losing to the casino in the long run. However, the truth is that your chances of winning on most slots don’t change based on the size of your bet. The only difference is pretty simple: the bigger your bet, the bigger the rewards when you win. This becomes especially important in online slots, where there are features and bonuses added to make the rewards even bigger. Bet whatever you can afford and don’t worry about going for the maximum bet every time.

3 slot tips to beat the odds

3 slot tips to beat the odds

Pro Tip: Use your free trial

Before you pay for the real deal, it’s always a good idea to take advantage of a free trial. Most online casinos give players the chance to try the majority of their slots games for free before they ever have to put down real cash. This also provides players an opportunity to check out the paytables, paylines, bonus features and progressive jackpots without risking anything.

The Secret to Winning the Social Media Jackpot

The Secret to Winning the Social Media Jackpot

The Secret to Winning the Social Media Jackpot

Creating something that “goes viral” is the holy grail of social marketing. It’s like winning the social media jackpot.

When your followers love your content enough to share it with everyone from their grandmother to their 2nd grade teacher, you know you’ve hit it big. Going viral cements your spot in the social realm’s hall of fame next to the likes of Harlem Shakers and that Old Spice Guy who’s sitting on the horse.

There’s no magic formula to making something “go viral” (if there were, we’d bottle it, sell it and live happily ever after on a tropical island). However, there’s one secret that can increase your odds of getting attention in the social space.

How to hack a slot machine at a casino

Have you ever thought about the methods to hack video slots at casinos? However never try to translate such thoughts into practice. Let them stay in the world of your fantasies. Otherwise, the chances of finding yourself in jail are very high, because the security services of gambling houses are up-and-doing.

The information available in our article is cognitive in nature. We do not encourage readers of Casinoz to use cheaters’ experience, which will be discussed below, for practical purposes.

It should be noted that the methods of hacking gambling machines in land-based casinos are discussed in our article. A separate publication will be dedicated to cheaters at online casinos.

Slot machine tactics – be a Slot Room Casino Slut!

Myth: ”There is no such thing as a good tactic for slot machines”.

Believed by: Pessimists, realists and anti-gamblers all over the world, for more than 100 years.

The Reel Story will devote a double blog entry to the subject of slot machine tactics. Not because they are very complicated, but because they are very important.

There are mainly three things you need to consider when looking for slot machine tactics that will optimize your profit. One has to do with gameplay, one has to do with mathematics and one has nothing to do with marriage. Read on and you will understand why.

Slot machine tactics – be a Slot Room Casino Slut!

Slot machine tactics – be a Slot Room Casino Slut!

1: Play with maximum coins

You are generally not left with many options for actual slot machine gameplay. Different slot machines have different set-ups, some with the option to hold reels and spin again, some with extra bonus rounds, some with other odd features, but one option that is common amongst most slot machines is the option to choose how many coins or how much you wish to wager for each spin.

Always, always, always choose maximum coins or maximum stake.


Because when you play with maximum amount or maximum coins, you trigger the full jackpots and the highest winnings. This may well prove to be your destiny when the right symbols on those holy reels finally appear in perfect symmetry in front of you.

Many people in the history of slot machines have been struck by the shock of perfect reel symmetry, only to find out that the full jackpot was not triggered because maximum amount or coins was not wagered. Normally there are also higher winnings to be won in comparison with the amount wagered when the amount wagered is the maximum.

This tactic is of course an expensive one and needs to be applied according to your bankroll. If you have a big bankroll, you should go for the highest jackpot in every spin. If you have a small bankroll, you should find slot machines with low maximum stake/coins.

2: Find the slot machines with the highest payout percentage

As simple as it sounds. In order to maximize profits, you need to choose your slot machines carefully and concentrate on the ones with a high payout percentage.

You should also make sure that when you find a slot machine, casino or slot room with a high payout percentage, you should make sure their numbers are being controlled by a trusted, external auditor.

3. Be a slot Room Casino Slut!

Casinos and slot rooms are not like wives or husbands, its ok to be unfaithful or even a slot room slut. In fact, we strongly recommend it. We actually believe in this so much that we almost renamed the whole blog “In Diana Jones and the Hunt for the Holy Reel”.

By spreading your deposits with different casinos and slot rooms, you can greatly capitalize on the bonuses offered to new customers.

Slot machine slang: Casino words and expressions

It’s not brain surgery, but there are some words and expressions you need to know when playing slot machines.

Slot machine slang: Casino words and expressions

Slot machine slang: Casino words and expressions

Reel – The circular devices on which the slot machine symbols are printed on. A typical slot machine has three to five reels. These reels spin and stop revealing the symbols on a:

Payline – a line on the slot machines face, where the symbols must line up on in order to win. You can see how much you win for each combination on a:

Paytable – an area on the slot machine that shows the different winning combinations, what they will pay and how much must be wagered in order to win certain amounts, bonuses or jackpots.

On some slot machine you will also find a “ticking” number which keeps increasing. These slot machines are called:

Progressive slot machines – a network of slot machines that are linked together to pay out one large jackpot. A percentage of every amount played from every machine is put towards one large jackpot. When someone wins this jackpot, the jackpot is reset (usually not to zero) and starts to grow again until someone wins again, and so on. These jackpots can usually not be won with a:

Wild symbol – symbols that can represent all the other symbols, like a joker in some card games.

Who plays the slot machines? – Online Mobile Slots

Myth: “Slot machines are for old ladies on ferry crossings and Caribbean gambling cruises”.

The reel story: Gambling and ferry crossings go together like flights and airports. It has been a phenomenon as early as the Mississippi river boats in the 1800’s, if not earlier. As the Mississippi River connected waterways for numerous trade avenues, many gambling establishments were popular, not only with professional gamblers, but also with many of the cash carrying travellers and traders.

Who plays the slot machines? - Online Mobile Slots

Who plays the slot machines? – Online Mobile Slots

Nowadays, the slot machine is a popular way to kill time during ferry crossings all over the world. There are even boats where the main purpose for the voyage is to gamble, like poker cruises in the Caribbean. If the boat leaves a country or a state where gambling is illegal, the casino and the slot machines will open as soon as the ship is three miles offshore in international water. Gambling is always popular on these voyages.

But are the slot machines principally popular among old ladies? A glance at the slot floors in Vegas and on some European ferry crossings could sometimes indicate exactly that.

It turns out this old stereotype is still somewhat true today, but only to a certain degree. Slot machines are popular amongst people from both genders and most age groups.

According to recent studies, while about 66 percent of male casino players play the slot machines, totally 81 percent of female casino players choose slot machines as their primary game. As for demographic age, recent statistics published in the U.S. News and Word Report show casino players having a median age of 47 and a median income of $41.000.

Grizzly_Granny says: “Slot machines have been a hit among aging ladies for as long as I can remember”.