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NEW ARRIVAL: FORZA Multi-Sport Coaching Boards

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From A4 coaching folders to wheeled whiteboards, make sure you’re on top of your tactics with our FORZA Multi-Sport Coaching Boards…

A team is only as good as the coach leading them and to be a good coach you need to have your tactics on point and on hand, wherever and whenever. Covering a wide range of sports, we thought it was only right to give our old coaching boards a new lease of life and introduce a range that can be used for up to 10 sports, spanning the likes of football, basketball, lacrosse and rugby.

Lightweight and offered in over ten different sport-specific options, give your coaches quality on the move with our FORZA A4 Coaching Folders. Double sided, you’ll find a dry wipe whiteboard with pitching markings on the left and a match planner on the right, along with a complete set of magnets, marker pen and rubber.

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Low maintenance, as well as lightweight, you can keep your tactics nearby for in-match changes with the FORZA Multi-Sport Coaching Clipboard. 32cm x 22cm, the FORZA Coaching Clipboard can be taken from the training ground to dugout with ease, allowing for tactical tweaks to made during play.

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Dry wipe coaching board, the FORZA Double-Sided Sport Coaching Tactics Boards come in two different sizes; 90cm x 60cm to clearly map out your style of play or a compact 45cm x 30cm option, perfect for seeing you from changing room to pitch side.

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Make tactics clearer than ever before with this dual-sided whiteboard, complete with 360˚ wheels. The FORZA 150cm x 120cm Double-Sided Wheeled Sport Coaching Whiteboard is available across football, rugby, American football, lacrosse and basketball, and features two full-pitch views as well as a focused display of key areas.

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With these four new FORZA Coaching Boards added into our sports equipment arsenal, we sat down with our resident procurement gurus (come professional interviewees), Adam and Tom, to find out everything we could about the new products.

Welcome back guys! So, first thing’s first, why did we introduce this new FORZA Coaching Board range?
Tom: We already had a smaller, existing range of coaching boards, both of which were single-sided, that have always been hugely popular. We knew there was scope to build on this momentum and having scoured the market, we found there was a whole range of products we could introduce for multiple sports that would be a great add-on to the coaching equipment we already sell.
Adam: We also wanted to offer our customers more choice and be able to diversify into new markets. Our previous coaching boards were limited to just football, whereas now we can cater for our customers across the globe as well as being able to tap into emerging sports in other countries too.

And were these types of products missing from the market then?
Tom: Yes, 100%, especially in the case of the FORZA Wheeled Coaching Boards. No one in the UK currently manufactures anything like this, and as far as we know it’s the same for Europe too. We wanted to stay true to our ethos of providing niche products to the mass market and are able to ship the FORZA Wheeled Coaching Board much cheaper than other brands due to the way it’s made.
Adam: No other company can offer the comprehensive range we now do and it’s great for schools who teach lots of varying sports.

Talk us through the research and development stage… how long did it take?
Tom: It took longer than we first anticipated as we were originally only going to focus on football, but it then sparked new ideas and we kept rolling.
Adam: It all really kicked off in August 2018 when we started looking at new designs and they began coming into stock last month.

So a good six or seven months then! Did you have any challenges when it came developing them that you had to overcome?
Tom: The clipboards were quite challenging at first as there were a few different materials we could have chosen. The pitch designs were quite difficult too due to 10 sports we needed to account for.
Adam:It wasn’t just the products too. Our existing packaging was really good and sets the standard of how we want our products to be, so we had to focus on this as much as the products themselves.

If you had to pick one of the four, which would you choose then?
Tom: The FORZA Double-Sided Wheeled Coaching Board without a shadow of a doubt.
Adam:I really like the American Football boards. This is a product range that is growing rapidly and definitely something coaches would use on the side-lines – I can really see it taking off there.

The new range of FORZA Coaching Boards are available to order now, so what are you waiting for? Click on your country below to shop.
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Cricket Maintenance Checklist

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Whether you’re entering a new season or it’s drawing to a close, we have the Cricket Maintenance Checklists you need to make sure you never forget to check your equipment…

There’s no time like the present to check your cricket equipment, whether you’re prepping your club’s grounds and facilities to ensure they look like Lord’s on opening day or getting ready for winter to ensure you get off to a winning start when a new season comes around.

We know it can be easy to drop the ball and forget about bits that need to be ticked off and prepared, especially with so many things to think about; cricket nets, batting cages, sight screens, covers, flat sheets and boundaries. That’s why, here at Net World Sports we have created the ultimate Cricket Maintenance Checklist to ensure you never miss a beat.

With a run down on the equipment, specific parts you need to check and action to take, these comprehensive Cricket Maintenance Checklists will become a staple at club and committee meetings throughout the on and off-season. We have even added a checklist of equipment you’ll need to have throughout the duration of the season, as well as a handy notes section to jot anything down that you’ll need to remember for next year.

Whilst the square may be prepared by your groundsman, everyone in the club can chip in to help check the ground equipment and facilities are looking as good as they can be, so what are you waiting for?! Download your very own Cricket Maintenance Checklist now…

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If you’re looking to get a head start on next season, give our friendly team a call on +44 (0)1691 683 807 to discover our comprehensive range of cricket products or click on your country below.
United Kingdom | United States | Canada | Australia | New Zealand | Ireland | UAE

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FORZA x Manchester United x FA Wales

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Ryan Giggs put his Welsh National Team squad through their paces at his old stomping ground, home to over 90 FORZA Football Goals…

Ahead of Wales’ international friendly match against Trinidad & Tobago at the Racecourse Ground, manager of the national team and Manchester United veteran Ryan Giggs, put the 31-man squad through their paces at the AON Training Complex in Carrington.

Just up the road from Net World Sports HQ you’ll find the Racecourse, home of Wrexham AFC. Steeped in history, the Welsh team held an open training session at the ground in May 2018 and now they’re back to play their first game at the Racecourse in over a decade. A huge deal for North Wales and Wrexham, hundreds will be flocking to the region to watch the big game as Wales prepare for their opening Euro 2020 qualifier against Slovakia.

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Wales’ brand-new National Football Development Centre, Colliers Park in Wrexham, which will be the team’s training ground for games in North Wales is due to open in Spring 2019. A state-of-the-art training facility, Colliers Park will have grass pitches, FIFA quality 3G pitches and support areas, including learning suites for those looking to get into coaching, refereeing, sports performance and medicine. So, with Ryan Giggs making a total of 963 appearances for Manchester United and coaching at the Premier League club under David Moyes and Louis van Gaal, he made a trip back up north with his Wales squad in tow to prepare for the impending game at Manchester United’s training ground instead.

We recently supplied over 90 FORZA Football Goals to Manchester United for use at the AON Training Complex in Carrington, including 16 of our full size FORZA Alu110 Freestanding Football Goals, eight 21 x 7 FORZA Alu110 Freestanding Football Goals and 68 of our FORZA POD Aluminium Folding Football Goals (you can read more about this here), so it was great to see the Wales team being put through their paces using our top-of-the-range equipment.

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This is why we do what we do; to see our world class products being used by world class players, in world class facilities.

To celebrate Wales’ appearance at Carrington, we’re giving you the chance to train like the world’s best and win a FORZA POD Target Goal and FORZA Training Football. Head over to our Facebook page here to be in with a shot. Competition closes Tuesday 26th March – T&Cs apply.

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An Insight Into Training At TNS

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We caught up with our good friends, The New Saints, to understand what it takes to train at the Welsh Premier League’s top club…

Less than 20 miles away from Net World Sports’ HQ you’ll find The New Saints Football Club in Oswestry – the JD Welsh Premier League’s current champions who are topping the table for another season. With strong ties to Oswestry (it’s where we were originally founded), we have a great relationship with the staff at TNS and regularly visit Park Hall Stadium for product and marketing photography… you’ll see their amazing ground in a lot of the images in our football category here.

With countless visits to TNS’ home ground we’ve borne witness to many a training session and caught up with a couple of their coaches to understand exactly what goes on behind the scenes in training top players…

Steve Benyon, Head of Performance Phase:
“A typical training week here within The New Saints’ Performance Phase differs depending on the forthcoming match / matches, as well as the physical and mental state of the players.

“Generally, sessions start with an intensive warm-up including resistance bands work, dynamic stretches and a stimulating problem-solving game. In line with our philosophy the players are set different passing patterns to re-create and master, as well as either high tempo possession practices looking at securing the ball within the midfield third entering the final third, whereby we look to attempt to punish the opposition.”

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“In order for this to occur from back to front, players work on their individual development plans to master not only the roles expected of them for their position but to also refine and improve on self -identified areas for improvement. Training aids include Mannequins, Dome Cones, Flat Disc Markers and Small Targets / Goals.”

Jason Brindley, Head of Academy:
“At The New Saints FC Academy we break our training programme into 3 phases. We have the pre-Academy ages (U7-U8). This age is crucial when it comes to developing motor memory and is proven to be the most impactful time when players learn and understand basic technical skills. Our programme focuses on passing and receiving, lots of 1v1s, ball mastery, etc. – everything incorporating movements, with and without the ball. We aim to have an extremely high ball rolling time within this phase, working on FUNdamentals. There are also small-sided games, where players get more opportunity to practice their technical skills.

“Next is our Foundation Phase (U9-U11). In this phase we start looking more about our principles, within the four moments of the game (in and out possession, as well as both stages of transition) again focusing on technique, but in more detail. How the game looks like in relation to other entities (team mates, opposition). Coaching methods change to an extent through this phase as we start looking at the player as an individual and their personal areas of development. Training will incorporate lots of decision making, which is still highly technical based but we also start introducing tactical elements. We also engage in lots of guided discovery, question and answer, group based practices / discussions to start developing the thinking player and problem solvers.

“Finally, in our Academy we have the Development Phase (U12-U16). This is the longest stage of a youth player’s development and where they learn the most information. In this phase we start looking in more detail about positional understanding roles of the individual player, unit and team as a whole, throughout the four moments. A lot more things are taken into consideration in this phase of development as players will go through their highest peak of physical growth, so you have to be mindful of this in relation to physical load. The coaching methods change within this phase – you may now tell and show the player what you want. We still want to develop thinking players and Q&A will still be used for this, however training will start to become more tailored towards the individual and their own areas of development. We have weekly working topics but we also have 15-18 different players with their own unique areas of development, so the skill of the coach and practice design is to incorporate at least one of the three IDPs (Individual Development Plan) for each player in your session.”

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“As a whole, we work on six weekly cycles, with a review at the end of the six weeks. We have our Game Model and what we feel a TNS player looks like in the four moments of the game. It is important that every session and practice within a session is relatable to our model. Training must replicate the demands of the game, to prepare our players for the challenges they will face.

“We also have our TNS DNA and playing philosophy that we adopt from our youngest age group all the way to our first team. Again, training needs to incorporate and reinforce this. Through the phases the level and detail of information increases but the principles remain the same. That’s why we are unique in our beliefs and it’s great to see players adapt this.”

We really value our working relationship with TNS, which you can read all about on their website here. Be sure to keep up to date with their latest goings on by following them on Twitter and liking them on Facebook.

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NEW ARRIVAL: Aussie Rules Equipment

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It’s finally here, the thing every Australian has been waiting for, our Aussie Rules range…

The AFL is kicking off in a couple of weeks and now you can get set and score big this season with our new range of Aussie Rules equipment! Whether you’re rooting for the Eagles to make it a double or think the Magpies have what it takes to bring the title back to Victoria, we’ve got equipment for all footy fans.

With the introduction of this brand new range, it was only right that we sat down with our resident product gurus, Adam and Tom, from our Procurement team to discover why we created this category of equipment…

Hi Guys, long time no see! With the arrival of our new Aussie Rules range, we’d love to find out how the concept first came about?
Adam: As one of Australia’s biggest sports it only seemed right we introduced an Aussie Rules range to our comprehensive offering. Our UX Executive, Eva, had been conducting research on our Australian website to find out what our customers wanted, and it was clear an Aussie Rules range was missing. Our customers are the biggest drivers here and we always listen to what they need.
Tom: From the information Eva gave us, we delved further into the sport to discover a range of products we could introduce, and the rest is history! The Aussie Rules equipment came about similarly to our American Football equipment, in that it was an untapped market for us and we realised we had a lot of products currently in stock that would fit the bill for the sport, allowing us to transition these products into a full range.

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You’ve just touched on it briefly there, but what was the full process behind the Aussie Rules range then?
Adam: As Tom mentioned, we looked at our existing products, which was predominantly training equipment that fell into our Rugby range and identified sports specific products that we could introduce.
Tom: We have really fast transit times and competitive delivery rates, so wanted to introduce products that were relevant to the Aussie Rules category and would work well as part of our offering.

And what kind of products have been included in the category then?
Tom: The full range of training equipment can be found here and features the likes of Hit Shields, Tackle Tubes and our hugely popular RapidFire Rebounders, as well as other products such as Ball Stop Nets, Ground Equipment and First Aid Kits.

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Looks good! Can we expect to see any new products being added to the Aussie Rules range soon?
Adam: Yes, definitely! We’re currently in the process of reviewing our Mini AFL Post Set, which will be due in later this month, something we’re all hugely excited about. During the manufacturing process, we engineered the poles and tested our samples to ensure they were fit for all weather conditions and prolonged use. We’re also working on balls, training aids more tailored to the sport and coaching boards, so watch this space!

The new range of Aussie Rules Equipment is available to order now, so what are you waiting for? Click on your country below to shop.
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Net World Sports Expand Graduate Scheme For 2019

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Due to the huge success of previous graduate schemes we have quadrupled our Graduate Scheme intake this year…

We’re currently recruiting for more than eight proactive, bright and hardworking graduates to join our multi-award-winning team as part of our internal placement scheme!

This year, we’ve introduced three (yes three!) new graduate schemes alongside our existing trainee programme, including a Content Graduate Scheme, Finance Graduate Scheme and a Content Translator Graduate Scheme. Running for 12 months, each graduate scheme will give successful candidates a great insight into varying aspects of our business and the skills needed to excel in their roles.

Our past two graduate schemes have been a phenomenal triumph for the business so far and has already seen four enthusiastic graduates, Will and Sophie from our first intake, and Ryan and Adam from our second intake, flourish in their career development to become valued members of our wider team. Now in its third year, we’re looking to expand on this success with the introduction of specific skill orientated schemes that will create a number of fantastic jobs for young people within the region.

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We’re really proud to be an employer of graduates within North Wales and are looking for talented, determined and ambitious graduates that have bucket loads of energy and a genuine desire for success to join the team and become part of something really exciting as we drive forward on our mission to become the best sports equipment retailer in the world. Almost all of our managers and senior managers have been promoted internally and the potential opportunity for career progression is unrivalled within the area!

Our full graduate scheme vacancies include:
• Graduate Scheme: A 12-month scheme with four rotations in key areas of the business and a departmental mentor every step of the way.
• Finance Graduate Scheme: A 12-month scheme within Net World Sports’ Finance department, which will involve data collection, working with different currencies and checking, entering and filing invoices.
• Content Translator Graduate Scheme: A 12-month scheme within Net World Sports’ Content team, where the successful candidates will be responsible for the delivery of all foreign language content across the website and associated channels.
• Content Graduate Scheme: A 12-month scheme, with the first three months split between Net World Sports’ Sales and Content teams to gain a thorough understanding of the product offering before producing content tailored to customers across the globe.

Could you be our next graduate?!

A full list of the current Graduate Scheme vacancies available at Net World Sports and further details can be found on the Careers page of our website here.

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Valentine’s FC Starting XI

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We’re keeping the romance alive at Net World Sports with our team’s rundown of their Valentine’s Day Starting XI…

If you’re in need of a bit of TLC this Valentine’s Day we’ve got you covered. The love is well and truly in the air at Net World Sports’ HQ as we’ve recruited our finest football fans to come up with the ultimate Valentine’s Day Starting XI, packed full of players with most love themed names. (WARNING: there are a few more risqué names, but would it be Valentine’s Day without them?)

Without further ado, introducing Net World Sports’ Valentine’s FC Starting XI…

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Starting with the team’s number one, it wouldn’t be Valentine’s FC without Joe HART as the man between the sticks. Next up, we’ve got Tottenham Hotspur’s Danny ROSE as left back, playing alongside Millwall’s Mahlon ROMEO and captain of the team with a vast amount of experience, the one and only Peter VALENTINE. Trinidad and Tobago’s Kern CUPID makes up the back four.

When it comes to the midfielders, it’s only right Manchester United legend and head coach at the youth academy, Nicky BUTT, makes an appearance in central midfield with Finnish Champion and New York City’s Alexander RING. On the left wing, we have Malcolm DARLING who helped take Norwich City to the top of the league back in 1972 with Al-Ettifaq’s Filip KISS on the right.

Up front we have Premier League legend who graced the likes of Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United, TEDDY Sheringham and English football manager and former player Paul JEWELL.

Sitting on the subs bench you’ll find retired Colombian footballer, Juan Pablo ANGEL; Vágner LOVE, São Paulo’s Corinthians striker; and former Swedish international, Martin DAHLIN. Tim FLOWERS is second choice goalkeeper and Frank AWANKA, who is unknown outside of Luxembourg but definitely gave us a few laughs, is ready to jump into midfield!

We’re definitely feeling this love this Valentine’s Day and have made a run down of all our top best-selling products as chosen by you! To see what made the cut and the products you love, be sure to sign up to our emails here.

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Your Half Term Fun Starts Right Here

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School’s out and we have just the sports equipment to keep your youngsters entertained throughout the school holidays, no matter their age or ability…

The moment every child has been waiting for with bated breath since 1st January is here… February half term! With the days getting longer, there’s a definite spring in everyone’s step as the bad weather seems to be behind us. As February half term kicks off, it’s time for the kids to get out of the classroom and into the garden.

If you’re in need of inspiration to keep the kids from bouncing off the walls, we’ve got just what you need… introducing Net World Sports’ School’s Out page. Here you can find our state-of-the-art products categorised by age and as well as sport, so whether you’re searching for toddlers, tweens or teens you’ll hit the target every time. To get you started, take a look at our top picks for your youngsters below…


6 x 4 FORZA Football Goal Post
If your little ones are looking like mini Messi’s in the making, they’re going to need the best-selling goal from the UK’s biggest selling manufacturer… Our 6 x 4 FORZA Football Goal Post is guaranteed to keep the kids entertained this half-term and paired with the FORZA Target Sheet their boredom will be at bay all week.

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Vermont Colt Mini Tennis Racket
The perfect choice for those just starting out on the court, the Vermont Colt Mini Tennis Racket comes in three different sizes, all of which represent a different stage in the LTA’s Mini Tennis programme:

19″ = Stage 3 Red for 5 – 8 years
23″ = Stage 2 Orange 8 – 9 years
25″ = Stage 1 Green 10 years

Garden Cricket Set
For a game the whole family can get involved in, why not try give our Garden Cricket Set a go? Turn your garden into a test match arena with this Kwik Cricket Set and see your youngsters enthralled in the game that is set to be one of this year’s sporting highlights as the ICC World Cup comes to England and Wales for 2019.

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9 – 11 YEARS OLD

FORZA Training Football
The perfect companion for a kickabout in the back garden, the FORZA Training Football has been designed in conjunction with FIFA IMS specifications to ensure it’s the best of the best. Available in a range of sizes for midi’s, kids and juniors you can find out what size football you should get in our handy blog post here.

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12 x 6 FORZA Football Goal
Another firm favourite from the FORZA Goal family, our 12 x 6 FORZA Football Goal is the ultimate PVC goal for kids. Quick and easy to assemble, your youngsters will be playing from the moment the school bell rings until their alarm goes off for the first day back.

Vermont ProCourt Mini Tennis Net & Racket Set
Game, net and match! One of the most popular products in our tennis range, the Vermont ProCourt Mini Tennis Net & Racket Set is a great way to get the whole family active this half term. And what’s better, if you fancy mixing your games up a bit you can convert it into a mini badminton net within seconds… just don’t forget your badminton racket and shuttlecocks!

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12 – 13 YEARS OLD

RapidFire Football Rebound Net
The original rebounder from the RapidFire range, our single and double sided rebound nets are ideal for solo training in the back garden. Whether their sport is football, cricket, tennis, baseball or rounders, the RapidFire Football Rebound Net will have the kids and adults queuing to have a turn!

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FORZA Match Netballs
Bounce passes, chest passes and shoulder passes are no problem for the FORZA Match Netballs. Available as junior size 4 balls which are perfect for players 13 years and below, our FORZA Match Netballs will keep your kids busy no matter the weather. Check out our Freestanding Netball Posts if you have a goal shooter or goal attack amongst you too.

FORZA Football Free Kick Mannequins
If your kids’ friends are going away this half term, don’t worry! With our FORZA Football Free-Kick Mannequins they’ll still be able to construct the wall and recreate Roberto Carlos’ wonder goal against France.

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FORZA Pro Football Goal Target Sheets
The FORZA Pro Football Goal Target Sheets are the ones to get your young strikers looking to make it into the big leagues. Designed and manufactured to enhance shooting technique, the FORZA Pro Football Goal Target Sheets isolate the four main scoring zones to get them finding the back of the net every time.

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FORB Home Golf Putting Mat
With the unpredictable British weather, it’s always a good idea to have an indoor back-up… introducing the FORB Home Golf Putting Mat. Your teenage golfers can train wherever and whenever before ‘putting’ their skills to the test out on the green.

Ultimate Cricket Net
Winter nets have started as the countdown to the start of the season has well and truly begun. If your kids are looking to brush up on their batting technique and hit it for six this year, they’re going to need the Ultimate Cricket Net. For the complete set up, add our Roll Down Cricket Matting, box of ‘Incrediballs’ and Spring Back Cricket Stumps too.

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With so many products fitting the bill this half term, be sure to check out the School’s Out page here and for even more inspiration sign up to emails here so you never miss a beat!

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NEW ARRIVALS: FORZA Dominate, FORZA Eclipse and FORZA Helix Rugby Balls

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Whether you’re looking for training or match day balls, we’ve got you covered with our brand-new FORZA Rugby Ball range…

As England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France and Italy kick start their eight-week campaigns to be crowned champions of the 2019 Six Nations and week one of the Super Rugby begins between in the Southern Hemisphere, fans and coaches of the gentleman’s game are all watching eagle-eyed to determine who will (and won’t) be making the flight to Japan later on in the year for the Rugby World Cup. 2019 is set to be a fantastic year for the sport by all accounts, so what better way to mark the occasion than with the introduction of our brand-new FORZA Rugby ball range?!

FORZA Dominate
Match Rugby Ball – International Match Ball

Beat the weather with our top quality FORZA Dominate Match Rugby Ball, designed for clubs competing in the big leagues. Conforming with IRB regulations allowing you to use it during professional matches, the FORZA Dominate Match Rugby Ball is manufactured from a blend of natural and synthetic rubber to offer an impressive level of grip and durability even when it’s raining!


FORZA Eclipse Training Rugby Ball – Senior Training Ball

You train to win right? So, take your school and club training sessions to the next level with the help of our FORZA Eclipse Training Rugby Ball. Utilising 3D grain technology across the panels to improve player grip and ball feel, the FORZA Eclipse Training Rugby Ball is laminated with three layers of cotton canvas and polyester viscose so you can rely on it retaining its shape despite all the tries and conversions scored.


FORZA Helix Rugby Ball – Classic Training Ball

Start your youngsters on their journey to the 2027
Rugby World Cup with the FORZA
Helix Rugby Ball. 100% hand stitched with a blend of 60% synthetic
rubber and 40% natural rubber, the FORZA Helix Rugby Ball is available in three
different sizes to suit young players of all ages:

Size 3: Suitable for players aged 6 – 9 years.
Size 4: Suitable for players aged 10 – 14 years.
Size 5 (full size): Suitable for players aged 15 and above.


With the introduction of these grand slam FORZA Rugby Balls, we caught up with Adam and Tom from the Net World Sports’ Product team for a second time this month to discover out how they ‘converted’ them from ideation to reality.


Hi Guys, so how did the introduction of this new FORZA Rugby Ball range come about?

Adam: It happened very similarly to how we ended up introducing our FORZA Football Range. Previously both ranges were quite limited – we only ever had one FORZA Rugby Ball, the Zenvo, so wanted to increase this range and add more balls to our offering. 

Tom: We wanted to match the quality of our rugby balls with the quality of rugby equipment we offer in order to complement the full range too. We also had the old logo on the FORZA Zenvo Rugby Ball so wanted to get fresh designs for a fresh era at FORZA rugby.


So, what was the thought process behind the new rugby balls? How did the decision arise to create three different ones?

Adam: We put a lot of research time into the rugby balls currently on the market to understand how we could make our FORZA rugby balls stand out and took on board a lot of feedback from customers. We conducted market research with local rugby clubs, taking along the FORZA Zenvo to gauge their reaction, find out what was missing from this ball and how we could improve future balls.

Tom: As a global business, over 50% of our revenue comes from international sales with rugby centric countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Ireland contributing to a big proportion of this. We wanted to be able to cater to these wide variety of customers who train and play in varying conditions throughout the year.



How long did the research and development of the rugby balls take then? We’ve seen them flying around the office for a bit now!

Tom: All in all, it took about nine months to get everything finalised. We started the ideation process in February 2018 and the final designs and products were agreed upon in October 2018. Our first port of call was to obtain a range of plain samples from suppliers to identify which models we would like to introduce into the range and that our customers would like. 

Adam: We eventually settled on a state-of-the-art rugby ball supplier who we’d met at the international sports business exhibition ISPO and has top of the range testing facilities to ensure the balls comply to the standards required by the IRB. We then used our in-house design team to start creating some initial concepts and held regular development meetings. We sent these to the supplier once approved on our side and received three lots of samples before agreeing on a final product.


Did you face any challenges when you were developing them?

Tom: There were some struggles when it came to getting the designs from paper to product. As the balls are handstitched and quite intricate, we had to adapt the design templates a few times to fit the balls. Once we had these sorted though we were on to a winner!



And was yellow always going to be the key colour within the designs?

Adam: We started looking at a lot of different colourways and pantones, but ultimately stayed with yellow to match the brand identity of FORZA. 


Let’s talk names then. How were the names Dominate, Eclipse and Helix decided upon?

Adam: We wanted something that sounded powerful and elite to correlate with the level of the match ball which is how ‘Dominate’ came about. Whereas with the senior training ball, we wanted players using it to stand out from the crown and leave the competition in the shadows – this is how we arrived at ‘Eclipse’ and the yellow and black design cements this.

Tom: When it came to the training ball, we wanted something clean and straightforward to match the ball and arrived at Helix, which reflects the spiral design.


Okay so, last question… if you had to pick a favourite what would it be?

Tom: It’d have to be the FORZA Dominate  as it’s a classic match ball.

Adam: I like the FORZA Eclipse Training Rugby Ball with it’s modern design.


The new range of FORZA Rugby Balls are available to pre-order now with prices starting from just £6.99 and big savings to be made on multibuys, what are you waiting for? Click on your country below to shop.

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Net World Sports’ Brand Partnership with ZEE Goalkeeper Academy

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Offering one of a kind goalkeeper camps and classes in Port Orange, Florida, we’ve teamed up with ZEE Goalkeeper Academy and their founder, Rick Zucchi to become one of their training equipment providers…


We first heard about ZEE Goalkeeper Academy when their founder, Rick, got in touch with us about a potential partnership opportunity. Rick, who incidentally only grew up 30 miles from our HQ in North Wales, has been buying Net World Sports products for years. From FORZA Training Marker Cones and our Spring Loaded Slalom Training Poles right to through to FORZA Soccer Free Kick Mannequins and our RapidFire Soccer Rebound Nets, so it only made sense to take the relationship further by supporting their business and ours with an official partnership.
The ZEE Goalkeeper Academy was founded in 2016, after Rick left his local soccer club as Director of Goalkeeping to create a separate identity specifically for goalkeepers. ZEE Goalkeeper Academy works with 55 registered goalkeepers in Port Orange, Florida, as well as 47 further afield with coaches in Miami, Mississippi, Kentucky and West Virginia.

“In 2016 I was looking to buy some high visibility slalom poles and when searching on Google Images I noticed that Manchester United were using the specific slalom poles that I wanted,” explains founder, Rick Zucchi. “By taking a closer look I noticed in one of their videos that the print on the slalom poles read Net World Sports. I said to myself, ‘if they’re good enough for Manchester United, then they should be good for us!’ I visited the website, bought 36 straight away and they’re still going strong today despite taking a serious amount of power shots!
“We’ve been purchasing from Net World Sports for several years and have been really satisfied with the durability of the equipment. It’s why we keep coming back time and time again!”

Net World Sports’ and ZEE Goalkeeper Academy’s partnership only kicked off at the start of 2019 and it’s already off to a winning start. Not only is Rick coming on board as one of our fantastic Brand Ambassadors, taking our current total up to eight, we have also agreed to support their local youth soccer team in Deltona  Florida through the provision of our popular FORZA Training Soccer Balls and FORZA Pro Soccer Training Pinnies.
Over the coming months, Rick will be reviewing a whole host of our products as well as working in collaboration with us to produce even more fantastic FORZA Training Guides specifically aimed at goalkeepers of all levels to enhance skills and techniques… watch this space!

If you’re interested in teaming up with us and having Net World Sports as your Official Equipment Partner, get in touch with us today. Call our friendly team on 866-861-9095 or email

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