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Net World Sports Introduce Revolutionary FORZA 360˚ Wheels

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With innovation at the top of our priority list, we’ve only gone and developed a 360˚ wheel using ground-breaking technology, offering unmatched goal manoeuvrability…


Groundsmen and coaches from top-tier clubs right down to grassroots have been crying out for wheels that can move in all directions and Net World Sports has listened! The lever operated FORZA Alu110 360˚ rotational goal wheel, which is patented, has been designed and tested in conjunction with Manchester United’s ground team and facilitates hassle-free movement in all directions, meaning your football goals can be turned backwards, forwards and sideways.

We changed the face of football in 2013 with our famous FORZA goals and now we’re doing it again! Unlike any other wheel on the market, our FORZA Alu110 360˚ Lever Lift Wheel boasts a pioneering pivot and lock mechanism, eliminating the need for manual lifting and with the extendable non-trap level arm handle for greater elevation and control, groundsmen and coaches alike can benefit from a towering 10 inch ground clearance… no more catching on the bottom frame of the goal!

Made from 60mm box section T6 aerospace grade aluminium, the all-terrain football goal wheel can be operated on grass, artificial and synthetic pitches conforms to official guidelines and is compliant to worldwide BS EN 748, ASTM and AS Safety Standards.
As leaders within the sports equipment industry, selling over 100,000 FORZA Football Goals a year,  we knew we had to be at the forefront of the 360˚ wheel movement, which is why we have introduced the revolutionary FORZA Alu110 360˚ Lever Lift Football Goal Wheels way ahead of the curve. Our entire supply chain has worked tirelessly on the design and manufacturing of the 360˚ wheels since we began developing them back in June 2018 and they have been rigorously tested throughout the whole process, resulting in four Premier League clubs already pre-ordering large quantities!

A cutting-edge and unique football goal accessory, properties of the FORZA Alu110 360˚ Football Goal Wheel include:

60mm box section T6 aerospace grade aluminium which is powder coated for rust protection.
Substantial ground clearance of 10 inches which prevents the bottom frame from catching the ground during movement.
Fully puncture proof and UV treated, extra wide high-strength polyurethane tyre, featuring a deep diamond tread.
Heavy-duty zinc plated steel brackets with greased internal bearings for slick rotational operation.


With prices starting from just £299.99 for a pair, you can pre-order your FORZA Alu110 360˚ Football Goal Wheels on both Net World Sports and FORZA websites now.  

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How To: Chip A Golf Ball

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Looking to improve your golf short game? With 15% off our FORB Golf Balls, we’re showing you how to chip a ball pitch perfect…

The chip shot you play will often be dependent on a number of factors. How much green you have to work with, how your ball is lying, what hazards lie between you and the pin, as well as any slopes on the green are all things you’ll want to consider before choosing the type of shot you want to play. Thinking about ratios and where you want to land your golf ball will help you pick the right club for chipping, whether it’s an 8 iron, a pitching wedge or a lob wedge. However, all of this becomes irrelevant if you’ve not got the right technique and are unable to make good contact with the golf ball.
By improving your contact with chipping, your distance control will also improve, along with your accuracy. It all goes hand in hand, so we’re giving you the low down on how to chip shots like a pro for every eventuality!


First things first, you’ll need to select a lofted club. You need to keep your body stance neutral for high chip shots, with the ball in the middle of your stance and the handle sitting on the sole of the club, not forward or behind the ball. Coming through the shot, you want your left elbow to come back and your right hand to feel like you’re completing an underarm throw. This will allow the club to work under the ball and it will travel higher through the air. High chip shots are ideal when you need to get your ball to stop quickly.



Low chip shots will typically run on a lot more than high chip shots after landing. To play this shot you’ll need a less lofted club. Again, you need to keep your body stance neutral when it comes to the low shot, but handle the club slightly forward to the ball. In shot, you need to do the opposite of the high chip shot – make sure your left arm is kept long and the back of your left wrist flat. This will help you keep your clubhead low to the ground and the ball travel nicely.


If you’re looking to practice these shots, why not pair them up with our FORB F-3 Golf Balls for ultra-precision? Reducing the spin off, they’re designed for distance, direction and durability.

You can save 15% off our FORB Golf Balls when you spend £100 or more on equipment using the code UKSAVE5. This offer is valid until 11.59pm on 27th January 2019. For more deals, be sure to click on your country below where we will have deals running until the end of the month… bye bye January blues!

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What Tennis Net is Best For My Court?

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With the Australian Open currently taking place Down Under and the title of 2019’s Grand Slam winner up for grabs, all eyes are firmly focused on Melbourne. 
But, with tennis reaching fever pitch, do you know which tennis net is best when it comes to your court?

Whether you’re lucky enough to have your very own tennis court at home, in charge of tennis club maintenance or even a PE school teacher coaching the next crop of tennis superstars, the common factors in choosing a tennis net are quality, and of course, price. Vermont by Net World Sports offers an impeccable range of tennis nets that tick all the boxes and so much more.
For Home Courts
For any tennis aficionado with their own personal tennis court or for coach and tutors who specialise in one-on-one training sessions you can’t go wrong with the Vermont 2.5mm Singles Tennis Net (33ft). Designed to official singles net regulations, it’s suited to home courts where you can challenge friends and neighbours or just send some quick tennis sessions with a personal trainer.

The Vermont 2.5mm Singles Tennis Net is also great to introduce beginners to the sport – there’s nothing quite like the real thing, so why not let players get to grips with an original, authentic tennis net?
For Sports Centres, Schools & Colleges
If you’re after a quality product at a low-cost price, look no further than the Vermont 2mm Tennis Net (42ft). As the smallest and lightest of the Vermont tennis net range, the undeniable versality of the Vermont 2mm Tennis Net proves that size doesn’t matter. Best enjoyed and appreciated in schools, colleges and sports centres alike, the Vermont 2mm Tennis Net boasts a Wimbledon-esque design, combining beauty with a resilience that will see it adorn tennis courts through years of frequent matches.

Due to the lightweight material, the 2mm is perfect game, set and matched to freestanding tennis posts, where a venue may need to change court surfaces or games in a hurry.
For Tennis Clubs, Tennis Centres & Official LTA Venues
Without question, the Vermont DT Championship Tennis Net (3.5mm) is the pièce de résistance in the Vermont range. Designed by champions, for champions, the twine is almost completely indestructible; capable of withstanding barrages of tennis ball impacts and lasting damage from UV rays.

Unlike most tennis nets, the Vermont Double Top Championship Tennis Net offers a choice of headbands, from the Standard to the Wimbledon Grade which is intricately treated and upgraded for maximum ‘Ultra-White’ visibility and superior durability.

Such as this net’s quality, it has graced two of the big four Grand Slam tournament venues, including Roland Garros and Melbourne Park, where the likes of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have served aces on both the hard and clay courts.
For Official ATP & LTA Venues
For those looking to give their tennis court a complete makeover, the Vermont DT Singles Tennis Net (3.5mm) is the grand slam champion of the Vermont tennis net range. It’s everything a professional tennis court could wish for; super-strong twine, a brilliant-white headband finish and overlocked edged side & bottom banding for the touch of professionalism that so many courts yearn for.

Perfect for replicating Wimbledon in your own venue, the Vermont DT Singles Tennis Net (3.5mm) is the standard of net that the elite superstars will be firing over throughout the big four.
Tennis Net Essentials
When you’ve chosen the tennis net for you, it’s always wise to add a few extra products to your basket that are crucial to help maintain it and get it up to official ITF (International Tennis Federation) standards.

Tennis Net Singles Sticks –  Convert standard 42ft doubles tennis nets for regulatory singles matches without having to change nets altogether. Made to measure exactly 3.5ft high in accordance with official ITF court specifications, the Tennis Nets Singles Sticks are an essential time saver for professional tennis establishments.

Tennis Net Measuring Stick – Ensure your tennis nets stand at the official regulation height of 3ft with the Tennis Net Height Gauge.  The simplest method of measuring a tennis net’s height you could ever ask for!
Tennis Net Centre Strap – When it comes to adjusting & securing a tennis net’s height, the Tennis Net Centre Strap is compatible with any standard regulation tennis net. Both stylish and practical, the strap’s clip latches onto most base weights, anchors, and pegs, and can endure severe weather conditions. A must-have item for any professional tennis venue’s nets.

With a tennis net to cater for all fans of the game, Vermont by Net World Sports can help home and club players alike looking to recreate the elegance of Wimbledon and add that touch of professionalism to their courts. From a complete range of tennis posts to suit all courts, tennis rackets for a range of ages and abilities, and even tennis ball machines capable of testing the ultimate pros Vermont by Net World Sports has it all!
To hear more about our smashing tennis range, sign up to our newsletter here.

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Q&A: Debi Lofstrand, Personal Trainer

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With Personal Trainer, Debi Lofstrand, partnering with us on the launch of our #TrainForYourGame campaign, we just had to find out more about the inspirational lady behind the debijaneFIT brand…


The latest Net World Sports campaign launched just last week with the aim of challenging you to train for your game, no matter what the sport. We don’t want any excuses and definitely no mediocre attempts, so what better way to get you motivated than team up with some of the best Sports Performance Coaches and Personal Trainers around to provide you with workouts to take your game to the next level?


Debi Lofstrand, founder of debijaneFIT, is one of these great Personal Trainers and we caught up with her to find out exactly how she got into fitness…


NWS: Hi Debi, thanks so much for taking the time out to chat to us! I guess we should we start from the beginning really, so, how did you first get into personal training?

DL: I always loved working out as teenager in South Africa. I trained through all of my pregnancies and really enjoyed the endorphin rush it gave me, so when we moved to Texas nine years ago as a family, one of my friends offered me a job as a group fitness instructor. From that point on wards I decided to carry on my studies and become a Personal Trainer.



NWS: How often do you workout then and what is your favourite type of training?

DL: I try and workout around six days a week. My favourite training has to be HIIT, which works well with the #TrainForYourGame campaign! I like to do my HIIT training with a treadmill and weights to ensure I’m really getting an all-round workout.


NWS: Wow, six days a week! What does a typical day tend to look like for you then?

DL: A typical day for me starts by coaching a group fitness class. Then it’s home for breakfast and to get my son off to school, before I begin my personal training sessions with clients. I tend to get a workout in for myself late morning, followed by lunch and another client for personal training. By mid-afternoon I head home in time for my son to return from school and continue with admin work. I then coach another group fitness class in the early evening and sometimes finish with another client before returning home to prep for the next day.



NWS: The word superwoman springs to mind! How do you stay motivated to workout, especially when you have so much to do?

DL: I stay motivated to train by having a goal that gets me to every workout I have planned in order to achieve that goal. I mark these workouts in my planner and am flexible to fit them in super early if I know my day is going to get really crazy. I always stay focussed on my goal so when I’m tired and my motivation may be somewhat lacking, I remember the awesome feeling you get when you smash it!


NWS: You document a lot of your training on Instagram. How did the account first come about? 25,000 followers is no mean feat!

DL: I decided I wanted to reach more people, inspiring them to live their best life and create a lifestyle they could be proud of… what better way of doing this than through Instagram?! I continued to post and received some social media training which has led to the next steps of creating a website for online training and workouts.


NWS: What does the future look like for you fitness wise then?

DL: Fitness wise my future looks great, I’ve set new goals for 2019 that will definitely keep me motivated. So far I’m looking to complete an Ironman, my regular 100m bike challenge in the Texas summer heat called Hotter’N Hell Hundred and then a marathon in the fall.



NWS: It’s all go for you this year! What are your top tips you’d give to people looking to get the most out of training?

DL: Good music is a must! Also, always have a plan! Don’t just wander into the gym and then see where the action is. Get a workout from a trainer or hire one if you feel that will help you get started in the right direction. You could even join a few group fitness classes to get you started!


NWS: Last but not least, we ask everyone we work with this question… what is your favourite piece of training equipment from Net World Sports?

DL: It has to be the Battle Rope, I will be recommending it to everyone!


That’s what we like to hear Debi!


If you’d like to find out more about Debi, you can follow her on Instagram here. Don’t forget to check out the great HIIT workout guides she has created for us either. You can find beginner, intermediate and advanced training guides here.

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How To: Master Solo Goalkeeper Training

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Struggling to think of ways to train by yourself when you’re the ‘man between the sticks’? With 5% off all our FORZA Goalkeeper Gloves, we’re showing you how to master solo goalkeeper training…


It’s been said before and we’ll say it again… the focus, when it comes to football, largely lies on the star strikers and the same can be said when it comes to training too. You’ll find lots of different guides out there on how to train by yourself when it comes to shooting, but what about goalkeeper training? With practice making perfect, we’re showing you how you can go it alone and master solo goalkeeper training with the help of our FORZA Goalkeeper Gloves.


Lukasz Fabianski tops the charts when it comes to the amount of saves he’s made this season so far, with an impressive 83 shots being stopped by the West Ham Goalkeeper in just 22 appearances. Quick reactions and soft hands are a must when it comes to handling the ball. So, with the help of one of our brand-new RapidFire Mega Football Rebounders practice throwing the ball, angling it out low, high and wide, and try saving it . Don’t forget to grab your pair of FORZA Goalkeeper Gloves too, to ensure the ball doesn’t escape your grasp!




It’s not just outfield players who have to have good control and passing capabilities… goalkeepers rely on these skills heavily to disperse the ball to their full backs quickly and efficiently. Whilst goalkeepers need to focus on their fancy footwork as well as throwing the ball out, we’re focusing on the latter for this drill. With a pair FORZA Flash Pop-Up Football Goals, place them 20 yards away from the goal line angling them out slightly with one to the left hand side of the pitch and the other to the right hand side. From the goal line, practice rolling and throwing the ball out with the aim of getting it into one of the FORZA Flash Pop-Up Football Goals.




If you look up to the Edersons and Alissons of the goalkeeping world, this drill is the one for you – all you need is our trusty FORZA Flash Pop-Up Football Goals, FORZA Football Training Passing Arcs and, of course, our FORZA Goalkeeper Gloves! As with the distribution drill above, place your FORZA Flash Pop-Up Football Goals 20 yards away from the goal line to the left and right. Grab two passing arcs from your pack and place each one, half way between the goal line and the FORZA Flash Pop-Up Football Goals. With this you can emulate the sweeper keeper styles of Ederson and Alisson, aiming to get the ball through the passing arcs and into the FORZA Flash Pop-Up Football Goals.



You can save 5% off our FORZA Goalkeeping Gloves when you spend £100 or more on equipment using the code UKSAVE5. This offer is valid until 11.59pm on 20th January 2019. For more deals, be sure to click on your country below where we will have deals running until the end of the month… bye bye January blues!

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Australian Open Tennis: How Many Champions Are Born In Your Country?

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With the top tennis stars going head-to-head in the year’s first Grand Slam, we take a look at what makes an Australian Open champion…

More than £2.3 million … $4 million … That’s the eyewatering amount the male and female champions at this year’s Australian Tennis Open will earn.
The new year signals the start of Grand Slam tennis season, with the Australian Open serving up the first of the four major titles in 2019.
This year’s event Down Under has already become hugely significant, especially for fans of Scottish sportsman Andy Murray, who announced he plans to retire after Wimbledon but fears this tournament could be his last.
With the seed report ranking Djokovic, Nadal, Federer and Zverev 1 – 4 respectively, it looks like it could be an open field when it comes to the Men’s Singles… will Federer be able to get his third consecutive win at the tournament despite Djokovic’s form?
2018 Women’s Single champion Caroline Wozniacki is in the same boat as Federer being seeded 3rd, so there’s every chance it’ll be a new name etched onto the trophies at the end of the month… But what does it take to be a champion?
With the top tennis stars going head-to-head in the year’s first Grand Slam, we delve into the data to explore where in the world Australian Open Champions are born.
Top 4 Australian Open Tennis Facts

The United States is the birthplace of 13 men’s and 13 women’s singles champions since the start of the Open era, the most of any country.

Europe collectively produces the most champion players (25) and overall championship wins (50).
The average age for becoming a champion is 25 years old.
New South Wales is Australia’s top tennis breeding ground, producing 20 men’s and women’s singles champions based on all-time tournament records.

Would you like to see or use this raw data? Email for further information.

Which Countries Produce The Most Australian Open Tennis Champions?
The ‘Open era’, when professionals were first allowed to compete in Grand Slam events, started in 1968, with the first Australian Open under the new regime taking place in 1969.
Since then, the trophies have been reasonably equally shared between players born in the United States and Australia.

8 male players born in the USA have shared 13 titles between them, including 4 times winner Andre Agassi.
Sweden has produced 3 champions (Mats Wilander, Stefan Edberg, and Thomas Johansson) who have won 6 Opens, a trophy haul matched by Serbia (thanks to Novak Djokovic alone), Switzerland (Federer’s 5 trophies plus Wawrinka’s 1), and Australia (4 players).
It’s a closer contest comparing which country is the birthplace to most women’s Australian Open champions.
America tops the list again, five players having won 13 championships. But Australia is a close runner-up with 10 victories from four players (Margaret Court and Evonne Goolagong Cawley winning four titles each).
Serbia again features prominently on the ranking, thanks to four-time winner Monica Seles who was born in Novi Sad in the former Yugoslavia, even though the powerful left-hander did represent the USA during the latter part of her career too.
Dual-nationality is something of a theme amongst women’s winners, with three-time champion Martina Hingis born in Kosice, Slovakia, before going on to play for Switzerland. 1995 victor Mary Pierce was born in Canada but represented France.
Most famously, all-time great, Martina Navratilova, was born in Prague but played for both her native (then) Czechoslovakia and the USA during her illustrious career.
Combining men’s and women’s winners, it’s the USA on top with 27 trophies ahead of Australia (16), Serbia (10), Czech Republic (8), and Germany (7).
Although adding all the champions from the continents together, it’s Europe (25 players contributing 50 total championships) that finishes top of the tree.

Of course, the history of the Australian Open dates back to well before 1969 and the Open era. The first men’s singles championship was staged in 1905, with the inaugural women’s event in 1922.
And taking all-time records into account, it’s Australia that emerges on top with 24 men’s champions and 15 women’s, ahead of the USA (11 and 12 titles respectively) and the UK (4 men’s and 3 women’s) although Virginia Wade’s 1972 triumph is the only Open era win in Australia by a Brit.
Country Of Birth – All-Time Australian Men’s Singles Winners (since 1905)

Australia (24)
USA (11)
UK (4)
Sweden (3)
Czech Republic, Russia & Switzerland (2)

Country Of Birth – All-Time Australian Women’s Singles Winners (since 1922)

Australia (15)
USA (12)
UK (3)
Belgium, Czech Republic & Germany (2)

How Old Is The Average Australian Open Champion?
Does age matter Down Under? Are seasoned professionals more likely to emerge victorious, like Roger Federer last year? Or is the calendar’s curtain-raiser the perfect place for emerging talent to make their mark?

The youngest ever winner was Aussie ace Ken Rosewall who claimed the 1953 crown at the tender age of just 18 years and 2 months.
In the Open era, Swedish ace Mats Wilander was 19 and a quarter when he destroyed Ivan Lendl in straight sets in 1983.
Proving he wasn’t just a young pretender, Rosewall also holds the record for the oldest ever male winner, defying his 37 years and 4 months to take a fourth and final Aussie Open title in 1972.
Even though she was actually born in Slovakia, ‘Swiss Miss’ Martina Hingis is the youngest female player to win the championships. Her 1997 triumph, the first of three successive wins, occurred when she was just 16 years and 4 months old.
At 35 years 8 months, the 1954 winner Thelma Coyne Long is the oldest ever player to emerge victorious Down Under.
Last year’s victor Serena Williams is the oldest in the Open era… Serena’s triumph was all the more notable by the fact that she was in the early stages of pregnancy while swotting away all-comers to claim her 23rd Grand Slam title without dropping a single set!
Where Do Most Australian Tennis Aces Come From?
Prior to professionalism and the Open era, it’s no surprise to learn that home-based players usually triumphed.
Throughout the entire history of the tournament, 24 men and 15 women born in Australia have added their names to the list of winners.
All-time greats of the game such as Margaret Court, Ken Rosewall, John Newcome, and 11-times Grand Slam winner Rod Laver – who the Australian Open venue is named after – rubbing shoulders with less celebrated stars such as 1927 women’s champ Esna Boyd or Rodney Heath, the man who won the very first event in 1905.
But which particular part of Australia is tops for tennis?

New South Wales emerges as the top state for producing Australian Open champions with a terrific total of 20 tournament winners.
Taking just male players into account it’s a tie-breaker between NSW and Victoria, each with nine champions born in the state. But with women’s champions, it’s New South Wales well out in front with 11 compared to Queensland and Victoria with 2 players each.

In celebration of the Australian Open, we’re giving tennis fans a FREE tube of Vermont Classic Tennis Balls with purchases over £100. 
Be sure to click on your country below where we’re also running a similar deal!
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What Size Football Should I Get?

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You get the right size football kit and the right size football boots, so why not get the right size football too? With 10% off all our FORZA Footballs, we’re giving you the lowdown on what size football you should get…


A football is a football, right? Wrong. There’s so much to consider when looking for the right one; whether you need a match football or a training football, a football for astroturf or a football for futsal. But one of the most important things you need to ask yourself is “what size football should I get?”


When it comes to kicking a ball around during a senior football match, the game is always played with a standard size 5 football. However, if you’re looking to get balls for youth matches or for your kids to have a kickabout in the garden you should always look to find the most suitable size for their age group.


The phrase goes ‘don’t run before you can walk’ and the same can be said when it comes to football. It has been discovered that smaller sized balls allow aspiring young footballers to develop all areas of their game and technique without the danger of tripping over one that’s too big for them.


As a rule of thumb, it’s always
best to follow the below guidelines set by The
FA in their Standard Code of Rules for Youth Competition*:

Size 3: Age
groups U7 to U9
Size 4: Age
groups U10 to U14
Size 5: U15s
and above

*It’s always worth checking with your local FA if you’re unsure what size they use.


The good news? Our FORZA Footballs tick all the above boxes and more, with our range covering not only size 3 right through to size 5, but size 2 as well for your Mini Messi’s!


FORZA Pro Match Fusion Football: Available in size 3, 4 and 5.


FORZA Match Football: Available in size 3, 4 and 5.


FORZA Training Football: Available in size 2, 3, 4 and 5.


FORZA Pro Fusion Football:Available in size 4 and 5.


You can save 10% off our FORZA Footballs when you spend £100 or more on equipment using the code UKSCORE10. This offer is valid until 11.59pm on 13th January 2019. For more deals, be sure to click on your country below where we will have deals running until the end of the month… bye bye January blues!

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How To: Shoot Like Neymar

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With 10% off our FORZA Football Goal Target Sheets, we’re showing you how to hone your skills and shoot like Neymar…

Named as the 11th best football player in the world by The Guardian, there is no denying Neymar’s shooting prowess. As the most expensive player at the 2018 FIFA World Cup with a market value of £162million, Neymar scored over 100 goals during his four year stint at FC Barcelona and is continuing to add to this impressive career tally at Paris Saint Germain with more than 40 goals under his belt in just over a year. With so much to learn from the Brazilian forward, we’re taking you through the ways you can hone your skills and shoot like Neymar with the help of our Football Goal Target Sheets.
With a total of 45 successful penalties throughout his career, Neymar is well on his way to becoming one of the top penalty scorers of all time and with the help of our Football Goal Target Sheet, you could be too.

Set up your goal and Football Goal Target Sheet.
Mark out 18 yards using our FORZA Flat Disc Markers.
Give yourself five attempts to get the football into each of the holes, starting with the top left and working clockwise.
Once you’ve manged to get the football into each of the holes within five attempts, reduce the number of attempts to four, then three, then two until you’re getting it in every time.

*If you’re looking to make it even harder for yourself, incorporate a FORZA Football Free Kick Mannequin to act as the goalkeeper.

Neymar’s free kick taking is just as good, if not better than, when he faces the keeper face to face in a penalty shootout. Awarded to teams following most types of fouls, Neymar has scored 13 goals through direct free kicks since his professional career began and you can perfect your blast and curl with our Football Goal Target Sheet and a set of FORZA Football Free Kick Mannequins.

Set up your goal and Football Goal Target Sheet.
Insert your pack of three FORZA Football Free Kick Mannequins into the grass roughly 8 yards in front of the goal, ensuring the placement mimics that of the ‘wall’.
Mark out 18 yards using our FORZA Flat Disc Markers.
From this distance, aim for the top left, then the top middle and then the top right hole of the target sheet. Don’t forget to give yourself a bit of a run up and curl the ball over and around the mannequins.
Once you’ve mastered getting through the top targets from 18 yards, try moving more towards the left-hand side of the goal and then the right-hand side to try getting the ball in at different angles.
When you’re confident from the 18 yard mark, try steps 4 – 5 from 20 yards, 22 yards and 24 yards.


The Brazil captain continues to close in on Pele’s all-time record and it’s really no surprise. Whether he’s gone for a long shot or has been assisted by fellow Brazilian Philippe Coutinho, the one thing every goal will have in common (apart from the ball ending in the back of the net) is accuracy and control, something you can achieve from a bit of practice with our Football Goal Target Sheet.

Set up your goal and Football Goal Target Sheet.
Grab two – four mates and from the opposite end of the pitch / garden, begin passing to each other, whilst moving closer to the goal.
On the fifth pass whoever receives the ball should shoot, shouting out which hole in the target sheet they’re aiming for beforehand.
Keep repeating steps 2- 3 until everyone has had a go and is getting the ball in every time. Once this has been achieved you can then start increasing the speed as well as the number of passes, and could even try incorporating some opposition in defence too.

So, there we have it! Our top guide on ‘How To: Shoot Like Neymar’ using our FORZA Football Goal Target Sheet.

You can save 10% off our FORZA Football Goal Target Sheets when you spend £100 or more on equipment using the code UKTARGET10. This offer is valid until 11.59pm on 6th January 2019. For more deals, be sure to click on your country below where we will have deals running until the end of the month… bye bye January blues!
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Meet The Squad: Rach, Customer Care Advisor

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Last month you met Ellie, our first ever Content Translator at Net World Sports. This month, it’s time for you to meet Rachel (Rach), one of our 11 Customer Care Advisors…

Having begun her journey with us at the start of 2017 when we were a smaller operation with around 65 team members, Rach has seen us grow by more than a third, not only in headcount but in site space too. With one year and eight months service, we thought it was only right to hear from a ‘Net World Veteran’. So, without further ado, meet Rachel…

Hi Rachel! Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat. First things first do you want to be called Rach or Rachel?
Rachel: Rach 100%.
Okay, so now we’ve got that out of the away(!), tell us a bit about yourself…
Rach: Well, I’m Rach… I’m 21 years old and live right here in Wrexham. I didn’t go to university and I don’t have a degree, I just wanted to crack on and begin working.
So, what made you first decide to apply for the Customer Care Advisor role here at Net World Sports?
Rach: I really wanted a full-time job somewhere that I would be able to progress and grow, not only professionally but as a person too, and I knew Net World Sports could offer this as a rapidly expanding company. I already knew someone who worked here, so they gave me a heads-up as to how fun and enjoyable it was and how much potential there was to develop.

And how did you find the interview process?
Rach: When I came for my interview, I was instantly at ease and can honestly say I have never wanted to work anywhere more. I applied through a recruitment agency, so my first direct contact with Net World was when I came in for my interview. I met with the Customer Care Managers and it was more like a chat, it just flowed so easily. I then met with senior members of the management team who introduced themselves and the company a bit more, which I really liked. It gave so much more insight into the company as I wasn’t just seeing two people from the department I was going to be working in.
I then completed my skills test, where I met more members of the Customer Care team, who were equally as lovely and created a great atmosphere. Once I had done the skills test, I then had the call back saying I’d been successful and I’ll openly admit I cried!
You’ve been here over 18 months now, but just rewind back to when you first started… how did you find your first couple of months?
Rach: It was fast paced, but that suits the kind of person I am so I found it really easy to get stuck into all my work. I had weekly 1-2-1s with my manager to check my progress and discuss how I was getting on, which was hugely helpful in settling me in. But even outside of my catch-ups I felt like I could ask anyone within the team for help and they were always more than happy to give me a hand with anything I was unsure of.
To be perfectly honest, the first three months flew by!
What did you think of the ‘meet and greet’ on your first day?
Rach: I loved it! It gave me the chance to meet everyone from all different departments that I may never have spoken to or even meet! It was a great opportunity to find out directly people’s thoughts on the company and understand how much each department needs to work together to make Net World Sports what it is.
How have you found your time at Net World Sports so far then?
Rach: I have absolutely loved it! I can’t believe I’ve nearly been here for two years, it doesn’t feel like it all! There has been so many learning curves and I’ve progressed massively since I’ve been here. I look back to when I first started and would never have thought I’d be where I am now, looking after the eBay and Amazon accounts.
It’s been an amazing experience and being allowed to develop and change things the way I have, I can’t thank Net World Sports enough. I’m very excited for the future, not only for me but for the company as well!
If you had to pick three of your favourite things about working here, what would they be and why?
Rach: Number one definitely has to be the atmosphere. I never get out of bed and dread coming to work, I look forward to it! Don’t get me wrong, we all have our bad days but the people you work with change that within minutes!
So, naturally, the people come next. They’re all so amazing in their own way and what they do in their roles.
I also have to include the opportunities. My progression has been phenomenal as Net World Sports has allowed me to grow into something I didn’t think I could.

If people are looking to apply for a role here, particularly for our Customer Case Advisor vacancies, what advice would you give them?
Rach: Be yourself and enjoy what you do. If there’s an area you’re interested in don’t be afraid to share it with the team, the chances are you’ll be given the opportunity to try it or incorporate it into your role in some way. Also, if you think something could be done differently or you know a way of improving it, speak up because no one will ever shut you down.
Last but not least, everyone’s favourite question… if you were a piece of Net World Sports equipment, what would you be and why?!
Rach: I’d have to be a Pump That Ball! It’s a very versatile product and can work with any type of ball, just like I can help and work with any department!
We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Thanks for catching up with us today Rach, we’ve loved hearing what you think about us.

If this story has inspired you to join our fantastic team, we have some fantastic vacancies at the moment in our Customer Care team… could you be the new Rach? Apply online here or email our HR team at
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