Review: Vermont Lunar and Vermont Archon Tennis Rackets

Review: Vermont Lunar and Vermont Archon Tennis Rackets

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With the introduction of our brand-new Vermont Tennis Rackets earlier this year, tennis aficionado, Peter Fryer, put the range to the test with his independent review of the Lunar and Archon…

What do you look for in a good tennis racket? Do you buy based on big name brands or is it heritage and history? Would you ever consider a racket from a new, budding brand? Vermont by Net World Sports have designed and manufactured a new range of tennis rackets for all players – perhaps they could surprise you…

Vermont Lunar Tennis Racket
Light And Manoeuvrable
For an intermediate player perfecting technique, the Vermont Lunar is light and manoeuvrable, weighing 280g unstrung. I played practice sets with the racket and found it never let me down, it moves through the air flawlessly.


Solid With Volleys
I also coached with the Vermont Lunar and it proved to be solid with volleys and reaction shots at the net. I was actually quite surprised just how much this racket grew on me! Easy to use and not too heavy, power and control is no problem for the Lunar.
Shock Absorbing
With a racket headsize of 100sq inches, the Vermont Lunar is made from graphic composite and has all the shock absorbing capabilities of performance rackets. It’d make the perfect pairing for any club player or junior player in the process of progressing to a full-size racket.

Vermont Archon Tennis Racket
Well Built
The Vermont Archon is a really well-built racket; the ball leaves the strings crisply and doesn’t twist under contact. The frame is made from graphite which is great for transferring energy, not to mention super for shock absorption too. Transferring from forehand to backhand, the baseline groundstrokes feel powerful and it has amble power when taking big cuts at the ball.

Powerful On The Serve
Powerful on the serve, it’s very easy to swing and contact the ball using the Vermont Archon Tennis Racket. I found it really easy to generate spin with the open 16 x 19 string pattern and always seemed to hit the sweet spot. When it comes to volleys, at the net they’re extremely comfortable and even off centre they’re satisfying.
No Different Than An Established Brand
Once I had my racket strung with my usual strings it played no different than a top offering of a more established brand… you will be seriously surprised at the level of the performance from the Vermont Archon!


Based in Derry, Northern Ireland, Peter is a tennis pro and writer with a passion for both ATP and WTA tours. From product reviews and development, to off court training, Peter covers a wide range of topics on Love Tennis Blog. He authored the Independent’s Best Tennis Shoes of 2018 as well as this year’s best racket round-up for The Telegraph and wrote a piece for Shortlist on the top tennis t-shirts for players.
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