NEW ARRIVALS: FORZA Dominate, FORZA Eclipse and FORZA Helix Rugby Balls

NEW ARRIVALS: FORZA Dominate, FORZA Eclipse and FORZA Helix Rugby Balls

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Whether you’re looking for training or match day balls, we’ve got you covered with our brand-new FORZA Rugby Ball range…

As England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, France and Italy kick start their eight-week campaigns to be crowned champions of the 2019 Six Nations and week one of the Super Rugby begins between in the Southern Hemisphere, fans and coaches of the gentleman’s game are all watching eagle-eyed to determine who will (and won’t) be making the flight to Japan later on in the year for the Rugby World Cup. 2019 is set to be a fantastic year for the sport by all accounts, so what better way to mark the occasion than with the introduction of our brand-new FORZA Rugby ball range?!

FORZA Dominate
Match Rugby Ball – International Match Ball


Beat the weather with our top quality FORZA Dominate Match Rugby Ball, designed for clubs competing in the big leagues. Conforming with IRB regulations allowing you to use it during professional matches, the FORZA Dominate Match Rugby Ball is manufactured from a blend of natural and synthetic rubber to offer an impressive level of grip and durability even when it’s raining!


FORZA Eclipse Training Rugby Ball – Senior Training Ball

You train to win right? So, take your school and club training sessions to the next level with the help of our FORZA Eclipse Training Rugby Ball. Utilising 3D grain technology across the panels to improve player grip and ball feel, the FORZA Eclipse Training Rugby Ball is laminated with three layers of cotton canvas and polyester viscose so you can rely on it retaining its shape despite all the tries and conversions scored.


FORZA Helix Rugby Ball – Classic Training Ball

Start your youngsters on their journey to the 2027
Rugby World Cup with the FORZA
Helix Rugby Ball. 100% hand stitched with a blend of 60% synthetic
rubber and 40% natural rubber, the FORZA Helix Rugby Ball is available in three
different sizes to suit young players of all ages:

Size 3: Suitable for players aged 6 – 9 years.
Size 4: Suitable for players aged 10 – 14 years.
Size 5 (full size): Suitable for players aged 15 and above.


With the introduction of these grand slam FORZA Rugby Balls, we caught up with Adam and Tom from the Net World Sports’ Product team for a second time this month to discover out how they ‘converted’ them from ideation to reality.


Hi Guys, so how did the introduction of this new FORZA Rugby Ball range come about?

Adam: It happened very similarly to how we ended up introducing our FORZA Football Range. Previously both ranges were quite limited – we only ever had one FORZA Rugby Ball, the Zenvo, so wanted to increase this range and add more balls to our offering. 

Tom: We wanted to match the quality of our rugby balls with the quality of rugby equipment we offer in order to complement the full range too. We also had the old logo on the FORZA Zenvo Rugby Ball so wanted to get fresh designs for a fresh era at FORZA rugby.


So, what was the thought process behind the new rugby balls? How did the decision arise to create three different ones?

Adam: We put a lot of research time into the rugby balls currently on the market to understand how we could make our FORZA rugby balls stand out and took on board a lot of feedback from customers. We conducted market research with local rugby clubs, taking along the FORZA Zenvo to gauge their reaction, find out what was missing from this ball and how we could improve future balls.

Tom: As a global business, over 50% of our revenue comes from international sales with rugby centric countries such as Australia, New Zealand and Ireland contributing to a big proportion of this. We wanted to be able to cater to these wide variety of customers who train and play in varying conditions throughout the year.



How long did the research and development of the rugby balls take then? We’ve seen them flying around the office for a bit now!

Tom: All in all, it took about nine months to get everything finalised. We started the ideation process in February 2018 and the final designs and products were agreed upon in October 2018. Our first port of call was to obtain a range of plain samples from suppliers to identify which models we would like to introduce into the range and that our customers would like. 

Adam: We eventually settled on a state-of-the-art rugby ball supplier who we’d met at the international sports business exhibition ISPO and has top of the range testing facilities to ensure the balls comply to the standards required by the IRB. We then used our in-house design team to start creating some initial concepts and held regular development meetings. We sent these to the supplier once approved on our side and received three lots of samples before agreeing on a final product.


Did you face any challenges when you were developing them?

Tom: There were some struggles when it came to getting the designs from paper to product. As the balls are handstitched and quite intricate, we had to adapt the design templates a few times to fit the balls. Once we had these sorted though we were on to a winner!



And was yellow always going to be the key colour within the designs?

Adam: We started looking at a lot of different colourways and pantones, but ultimately stayed with yellow to match the brand identity of FORZA. 


Let’s talk names then. How were the names Dominate, Eclipse and Helix decided upon?

Adam: We wanted something that sounded powerful and elite to correlate with the level of the match ball which is how ‘Dominate’ came about. Whereas with the senior training ball, we wanted players using it to stand out from the crown and leave the competition in the shadows – this is how we arrived at ‘Eclipse’ and the yellow and black design cements this.

Tom: When it came to the training ball, we wanted something clean and straightforward to match the ball and arrived at Helix, which reflects the spiral design.


Okay so, last question… if you had to pick a favourite what would it be?

Tom: It’d have to be the FORZA Dominate  as it’s a classic match ball.

Adam: I like the FORZA Eclipse Training Rugby Ball with it’s modern design.


The new range of FORZA Rugby Balls are available to pre-order now with prices starting from just £6.99 and big savings to be made on multibuys, what are you waiting for? Click on your country below to shop.

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