Meet The Squad: Rach, Customer Care Advisor

Meet The Squad: Rach, Customer Care Advisor

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Last month you met Ellie, our first ever Content Translator at Net World Sports. This month, it’s time for you to meet Rachel (Rach), one of our 11 Customer Care Advisors…

Having begun her journey with us at the start of 2017 when we were a smaller operation with around 65 team members, Rach has seen us grow by more than a third, not only in headcount but in site space too. With one year and eight months service, we thought it was only right to hear from a ‘Net World Veteran’. So, without further ado, meet Rachel…

Hi Rachel! Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to chat. First things first do you want to be called Rach or Rachel?
Rachel: Rach 100%.
Okay, so now we’ve got that out of the away(!), tell us a bit about yourself…
Rach: Well, I’m Rach… I’m 21 years old and live right here in Wrexham. I didn’t go to university and I don’t have a degree, I just wanted to crack on and begin working.
So, what made you first decide to apply for the Customer Care Advisor role here at Net World Sports?
Rach: I really wanted a full-time job somewhere that I would be able to progress and grow, not only professionally but as a person too, and I knew Net World Sports could offer this as a rapidly expanding company. I already knew someone who worked here, so they gave me a heads-up as to how fun and enjoyable it was and how much potential there was to develop.

And how did you find the interview process?
Rach: When I came for my interview, I was instantly at ease and can honestly say I have never wanted to work anywhere more. I applied through a recruitment agency, so my first direct contact with Net World was when I came in for my interview. I met with the Customer Care Managers and it was more like a chat, it just flowed so easily. I then met with senior members of the management team who introduced themselves and the company a bit more, which I really liked. It gave so much more insight into the company as I wasn’t just seeing two people from the department I was going to be working in.
I then completed my skills test, where I met more members of the Customer Care team, who were equally as lovely and created a great atmosphere. Once I had done the skills test, I then had the call back saying I’d been successful and I’ll openly admit I cried!
You’ve been here over 18 months now, but just rewind back to when you first started… how did you find your first couple of months?
Rach: It was fast paced, but that suits the kind of person I am so I found it really easy to get stuck into all my work. I had weekly 1-2-1s with my manager to check my progress and discuss how I was getting on, which was hugely helpful in settling me in. But even outside of my catch-ups I felt like I could ask anyone within the team for help and they were always more than happy to give me a hand with anything I was unsure of.
To be perfectly honest, the first three months flew by!
What did you think of the ‘meet and greet’ on your first day?
Rach: I loved it! It gave me the chance to meet everyone from all different departments that I may never have spoken to or even meet! It was a great opportunity to find out directly people’s thoughts on the company and understand how much each department needs to work together to make Net World Sports what it is.
How have you found your time at Net World Sports so far then?
Rach: I have absolutely loved it! I can’t believe I’ve nearly been here for two years, it doesn’t feel like it all! There has been so many learning curves and I’ve progressed massively since I’ve been here. I look back to when I first started and would never have thought I’d be where I am now, looking after the eBay and Amazon accounts.
It’s been an amazing experience and being allowed to develop and change things the way I have, I can’t thank Net World Sports enough. I’m very excited for the future, not only for me but for the company as well!
If you had to pick three of your favourite things about working here, what would they be and why?
Rach: Number one definitely has to be the atmosphere. I never get out of bed and dread coming to work, I look forward to it! Don’t get me wrong, we all have our bad days but the people you work with change that within minutes!
So, naturally, the people come next. They’re all so amazing in their own way and what they do in their roles.
I also have to include the opportunities. My progression has been phenomenal as Net World Sports has allowed me to grow into something I didn’t think I could.


If people are looking to apply for a role here, particularly for our Customer Case Advisor vacancies, what advice would you give them?
Rach: Be yourself and enjoy what you do. If there’s an area you’re interested in don’t be afraid to share it with the team, the chances are you’ll be given the opportunity to try it or incorporate it into your role in some way. Also, if you think something could be done differently or you know a way of improving it, speak up because no one will ever shut you down.
Last but not least, everyone’s favourite question… if you were a piece of Net World Sports equipment, what would you be and why?!
Rach: I’d have to be a Pump That Ball! It’s a very versatile product and can work with any type of ball, just like I can help and work with any department!
We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Thanks for catching up with us today Rach, we’ve loved hearing what you think about us.

If this story has inspired you to join our fantastic team, we have some fantastic vacancies at the moment in our Customer Care team… could you be the new Rach? Apply online here or email our HR team at [email protected]
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