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Why We Introduced: Vermont Lunar and Vermont Archon Tennis Rackets

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We’re offering an ‘ace’ 25% off our brand-new Vermont Lunar and Vermont Archon Tennis Rackets. With the US Open underway our Procurement Executive, Adam, tells us exactly why we introduced the range…

Catering for all sports, from football and rugby to cricket, golf and everything in between, tennis is just another string in the Net World Sports’ bow when it comes to offering quality training and match equipment.
With the title for grand slam champion currently being fought out at the iconic UTSA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York City, we sat down with Adam Littler, our Procurement Executive here at Net World Sports, to discover why we introduced our winning Vermont Lunar and Vermont Archon tennis rackets to the range.

Hi Ad, so first things first, why did we take the plunge to begin researching, developing and manufacturing our own range of Vermont tennis rackets?
It all came quite naturally as our ongoing new product development, well, developed. It all started last year when we decided to create our own tennis brand, soon to be coined Vermont, after our football brand, FORZA was such a success. We first began developing our own range of tennis balls, the Classics and Voleos, which came into inception in Spring of this year* and really kick started the Vermont brand. The tennis rackets were then the strawberries to the cream, so to speak – we knew they’d complement the balls really well so began looking into them.
(*You can read all about our Vermont ITV Approved Tennis Balls from tennis pro and writer, Peter Fryer, here.)
And how long did it take, from researching and developing the rackets to getting them in stock, ready for purchase?
The initial research and development was a fairly smooth process. With the materials, specifications and weights, we had a look at what was already on the market and took it from there. Going from working out what we wanted the range to comprise of and receiving three rounds of samples to getting the final products, it’s taken just shy of a year – this included a few additions we wanted to bring in after seeing the physical samples which were more to do with the appearance. We just wanted to get them perfect!

In terms of the ‘then’ current market, were rackets like the Lunar and Archon missing and what was the thought process behind each of the models?
There was definitely a place in the tennis racket market for Vermont, which is why we took the opportunity to introduce the different types of racket. If you look at alternative models out there, you’ll find that ours are a lot more competitively priced than the alternatives which is what we set out to achieve from the beginning of the R&D process.
The Vermont Lunar has been designed for players at the top of competitive club tennis. Made from graphite with aluminium composites, it incorporates slightly more affordable materials but is still able to give a top performance, whilst the Vermont Archon is a racket designed for the true elite made from 100% graphite.

FORZA: Last but not least, if you had to choose between the Lunar and the Archon, which would be your go to racket of choice?
Personally, I really like the Lunar. The yellow is really eye-catching, adding a bit of brightness to the racket. Although, that being said, the black-on-black design for the Archon gives it a real classic and sleek performance.

You can save 25% off the brand-new Vermont Lunar and Archon Tennis Rackets! Click here to see the full range. To keep up to date with our latest news and offers, subscribe here.
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FORZA’s Brand Partnership with Shaun Rowley

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When Halifax Town’s, Shaun Rowley, got in touch with us showing his passion for the brand, we just knew we had to work with him…

Having fallen in love with being the man ‘between the sticks’ as a young boy, Shaun has been the last line of defence for many a team over the years, and what’s amazing is that he’s just 21! Spending three years as pro at Shrewsbury Town he was released this summer and joined F.C Halifax Town, which was when he got in touch with our friendly team here at FORZA to see if we wanted to work together. The rest, they say, is history…

Shaun originally got in touch with us to ask for support when he was looking for new goalkeeping gloves ahead of the 2018/19 season. Having shown a real passion for the FORZA brand and the gloves we have available, we knew he’d be a great fit with our team and said yes!
He’s currently wearing our FORZA Mondo gloves for National League games against the likes of Salford City and Leyton Orient, and is seriously impressed with the grip and comfort of them! “These gloves are the best gloves I’ve come across for a long time,” he told us. “The Longevity of them is great and that’s important because using them at training every day can wear them out quickly, but these gloves hold up really well. I feel confident wearing them in all conditions, come rain or shine!”
We recently caught up with Shaun to find out the ins and outs of Halifax Town’s new netkeeper…
FORZA: Hi Shaun, so first off, the basics… how did you get into football and more specifically goalkeeping?
SR: I first got into football as all young boys do, with my local team Wrekin Juniors. I remember going to school where we trained Saturday mornings and I hated it, but then one day I went in goal and I had an instant love for that position and the game from that point onwards. I had one season at Wrekin with the U8’s before going on trial at Shrewsbury, which was a huge success and I was lucky enough to go through my childhood playing for them and receive a scholarship.

FORZA: Where did you start out and what’s your transfer history like?
SR: During my scholarship I was sent on loan to Watford and it was an incredible experience, seeing what it was like at a club higher up the league table… the facilities, the quality of players, everything! I never thought as a young lad I’d have the opportunity to be training every day with the likes of Almunia and Gomes, especially being an Arsenal fan and watching Almunia on TV. It was quite surreal at times, but a great experience that I gained so much from. I also had loan spells at local EVOSTIK team, Market Drayton, where I quickly learnt to grow up as it’s not all nice, pretty passing when it comes to the men’s game, and Halesowen Town when I had just signed my first professional contract with Shrewsbury.
Other loans have included Slough Town, Tamworth and Chorley, where I was voted player of the month – this was probably my best loan success wise. I had three years as a pro at Shrewsbury before being released this summer and joining Halifax.

FORZA: And did you always want to be a footballer or did you have any other career ambitions?
SR: I always wanted to be a footballer yes. I was totally focused as a young kid, working hard at it to see what would happen and I’ve been lucky enough to do it full time! As far as jobs go, I’m very fortunate. That being said, I would love to have my own bar or restaurant in the future – it’s always been a huge passion of mine (along with football of course!).
FORZA: What would you say your favourite footballing moment has been?
SR: My favourite football moment would have to be signing my first pro contract. So much hard work went into that moment and it was a very proud day for me and my family.
FORZA: You touched upon the future there, what does it look like for you football wise? What do you hope to achieve and how do you see us as a brand growing with you?
SR: The future looks very promising as I’m still very young in terms of a goalkeeper. I’m physically in good shape and looking after myself, training hard in order to hopefully be playing week-in week-out at a good level in a couple of years’ time.
I see FORZA growing massively in the goalkeeping department! With everything going on on social media, we can grow and get more goalkeepers from all levels involved in this great brand with amazing products!

FORZA: Now on to the (more) fun questions! Who are your favourite players?
SR: My favourite players growing up were Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp. Goalkeeper wise growing up I loved Van Der Sar and Joe Hart who also came from Shrewsbury – he was a big role model for me, especially seeing what he went onto achieve.
FORZA: Would you say Joe Hart was your idol growing up then?
SR: Yes, definitely! Just seeing how he came through the Shrewsbury system and then what he went on to achieve with Manchester City and England.
FORZA: This is an important one… Ronaldo or Messi? Or in goalkeeping circles, De Gea or Petr Čech?
SR: Messi. Ronaldo is an incredible athlete, but for me Messi is just on another level – his football brain and technique is unbelievable. In the Goalkeeping world the best, currently, has to be De Gea – some of the saves he makes are unreal!
FORZA: And finally, if you were a piece of FORZA football equipment, what would you be and why?
SR: If I was a piece if FORZA equipment it would have to be the Mondo gloves because on the pitch I like to be quite loud and vocal and the Mondo gloves are bright and loud.

If you’re interested in becoming a FORZA Ambassador like Shaun, get in touch with us today by emailing
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Premier League 2018/19: Who Will Win The Title?

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Can history predict who will be declared champions this season?

380 games. 34,200 minutes. 2,052,000 seconds. That’s how much football will be played in one season of the Premier League alone.

With the tournament in full flow, football has taken over the country not for the first time this year, but, as with all competitions, there can only be one winner. With this in mind, the UK’s number one football goal manufacturer, FORZA, has delved into the history books since the league’s inception in 1992 to discover if a 2018/19 winner can be predicted based on previous champions…
Did you know…

Only six teams have ever won the Premier League
Winning teams throughout history have been made up of between 21% – 70% of English players
Every Premier League winner has started with a letter from the first half of the alphabet
The 1994 / 95 season is key to Premier League history

Since the tournament began all those years ago, no team has ever been crowned champions the same year they began playing in the league. Whilst it’s no mean feat to be promoted into the most attended league in Europe, unfortunately for Cardiff City, Fulham and Wolverhampton Wanderers, this is where the celebrations will end for them this year.

1994 / 95 Season
You may be thinking, what has the 1994 / 95 season got to do with prediction this year’s winners? The answer… everything! Only teams who featured in or before the 1994 / 95 season, so 1992 / 93, 1993 / 94 and 1994 / 95, have won the title, which means we say goodbye to AFC Bournemouth, Brighton & Hove Albion, Burnley, Huddersfield Town and Watford.

Not so statistical, but still just as important, only teams whose club name starts with a letter from the first half of the alphabet have brought the trophy back home. So long Southampton, Tottenham Hotspur and West Ham United.

Managers are just as important as the team who play under them, which is why clubs who don’t have a manager from Scotland, France, Portugal, Italy, Chile or Spain aren’t looking likely contenders this year.

Captains are the managers on the pitch, so like them, it’s key to look at the stats. Those who have lifted the trophy at the end of a gruelling season have only ever come from England, France, Ireland, Wales, Serbia, Belgium or Jamaica, so it’s at this point we say goodbye to Manchester United.

Yellow Cards
We all know things may get a big fractious on the pitch, especially when you’re a title contender, but those yellow cards all add up. Since the league began over two decades ago, the amount of yellow cards a team received the season before they went on to win the title (excluding second yellows to make it a red) ranges from anywhere between none to 71. Interestingly no winning team has ever been issued 43 or 52 yellow cards the season before they won, unlike Chelsea and Leicester City.

Historically the majority of Premier League teams were made up of English players, with 70% of the winning 1994 / 95 Blackburn Rovers and 1995 / 96 Manchester United sides hailing English heritage. As time has gone by and the Premier League has continued to become the richest football league in the world, clubs have been able to make larger transfers for players overseas. Throughout the league’s history, winning teams have been made up of between 21% – 70% of English players and with Arsenal’s squad this year only comprising of 15%, they’re not set to bring back any silverware for a 15th consecutive year.

Previous winners
With Everton having never won a title since 1992, Manchester City are set to be this season’s predicted winners…

… unless another team does!
Would you like to see or use this raw data? Contact our PR & Communications Executive, Sara Perrett, by emailing for further information.

To celebrate the start of the new Premier League season, we’re giving you the chance to win a £1,000 makeover for your club with #FORZAFixUp. To find out more and enter the competition, click here.
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What’s Hot, What’s Not…

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With the Premier League kicking off, we’re bringing you the latest hot, and not so hot, picks from this month…

It’s officially started… the Premier League kicked off at 8pm BST on Friday 10th August with Manchester United hosting Leicester City and we could not be more excited for the start of the new season! The transfer window has closed, the fantasy leagues have been created and fans across the world are preparing for nine months of football fever.

Making 2018 / 19 Premier League history, Manchester City’s Agüero scored a hat-trick in this weekend’s fixture at home to Huddersfield Town, continuing City’s winning streak to defend their title. The Argentine footballer opened the scoring in the 25th minute, before finding the back of the next 10 minutes later and again in the second half.
The crème de la crème of our PVC Range, the 12 x 6 FORZA Locking Football Goal is a must- have for all football fan’s gardens this season. Whether you’re looking to make saves like David de Gea or practice set pieces before the weekend’s fixtures, you can’t go wrong with this specialist garden goal.
Brighton & Hove Albion’s victory against long-standing Premier League top dogs, Manchester United this weekend was no mean feat! With Glenn Murray and Shane Duffy scoring within two minutes of one another, followed by Pascal Groß’s penalty, not even Paul Pogba’s goal in the 95th minute could stop the Seagulls flying to victory! Always one for an underdog here at Net World Sports, keep an eye out on our Facebook page here every weekend for potential prizes if a #FORZAUnderdog win!
After a reckless tackle on Wolverhampton Wanderer’s Matt Doherty, Jamie Vardy was issued a straight red card by referee Mike Dean, meaning he will now serve a three-game ban. The red card has caused some controversy though as the Leicester striker won the ball cleanly. Either way, it’s reported he did apologise to Doherty in the changing rooms and The Foxes won’t be appealing Dean’s decision.
It was announced earlier this month that Tottenham Hotspur will be playing home games at Wembley Stadium until next year after fears that their new, £1billion stadium won’t be completed on time. It’s due to open on 15th September  but it’s not looking likely anymore…
With 380 matches to be played a lot can happen, which is why we’re bringing you our picks of ‘What’s Hot’ and ‘What’s Not’, both on and off the pitch every month of the season.

To keep up to date with all our ‘What’s Hot, What’s Not’ action and ensure you never miss out, subscribe to our emails here.
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60 Minute Access – Quake Champions

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This week on 60 Minute Access we take a look at a fresh take on a classic game in Quake Champions
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Playing God – Jaina (World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth)

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This week Tori draws Jaina from Battle for Azeroth
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Smashing – Unscripted Access Episode #254

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This week we do a run down of all that hot Smash Ultimate news and talk about the success of the Switch
We will leave the rest to your ears, but trust me, this is not an episode to be missed. As always, we wrap up the show answering the various questions received from our last episode from our dedicated audience who enjoyed Unscripted Access Episode #253. Unscripted Access commence!

DOWNLOAD: Right Click and Save Link As…
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Super Mega Awesome Go Play Time – Doom Episode 21

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This week Ray continues his journey to hell and we make fun of him.
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60 Minute Access – Dragonball FighterZ (the re-revisit)

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Hey everyone! Thats right we’re back and with more Fighterz! A lot of new characters just hit the game, and we’re excited to try all of them out! come watch just how crazy this game has become!
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Playing God – Mettaton (Undertale)

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Hey everyone! Come check out our newest Playing God of Metaton from Undertale! Come watch! and enjoy!
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